woodLAB PLAN BASE II logo-woodlabPLAN

The key features of this version are:

  • Unlimited number of raw material and multi material
  • Unlimited number of parts
  • Multi/mixed material optimizatio
  • Borders management
  • Recurrent parts management
  • Cutting lists management
  • Inventory management (quantities)
  • Cutting level management
  • Headcut management
  • Grain management
  • Stack management for beam saw
  • Grid customization
  • Unloading of parts
  • Trim and overdimensions management
  • Management of cutting sequences (the sawing of pieces in a determined order)
  • Gestion du séquençage (couper des pièces ensemble, dans un ordre spécifique)
  • Part Dimension Tolerance Management
  • Additional data
  • Manager of strips (for HPL, posform and edge banding)
  • Data filtering
  • Grain indication on cutting patterns
  • Calculation of time for cycles
  • Automatic offcuts calculation
  • Visual editor of cutting patterns
  • Visual editor of cutting patterns
  • Connection Manager with Excel
  • Setting for first cut
  • Label printing from the office printer
Interface de woodLAB PLAN BASE II


  • Automatic unloading of parts by group
  • Gestion du suivi de pièces
  • Parts following management
  • Post-processor for edgers
  • Network dongle
  • Management of client workstations (only with server dongle)